Special Service for Canadian Corporations

Is there anything special Helden Wealth Corp. can do to help you maximize the value your CCPC?


If you are the owner of a CCPC, we can help you execute on key strategies that maximize the benefits specifically available to you.

Here’s an important question for you

Are you distributing all of your company’s surplus capital as salary or dividends to the shareholders, who then go on to save and invest that money at the personal level?

If you answered yes

then you will be happy to learn there may be a better solution.

When the financial assets of a CCPC are structured and invested intelligently, a CCPC can be a terrific source of tax efficient income for its owner(s). The CCPC offers its owner(s) the opportunity to generate an efficient stream of recurring revenue.

If you want to maximize the value you get out of your CCPC, then ask us how we can help you do that.