About Helden Wealth

My name is Lars Borghardt and I am excited to work together with you to maximize the value of your business.

I am an enthusiastic, resourceful, client focused business professional with a sense of humour and humility. I am dedicated to creating long term value for your business through sound business analysis and rationale judgement, combined with prudent fiscal management to help you implement the best corporate strategies for you and your business.

I started to accumulate my business experience in 1992 after founding a construction services company. After years of construction services left me in need of surgery to repair damage to my hands and arms, I returned to post secondary education to become a professional in the fields of both Corporate Financial Management and Commercial Contract Management. These skills are some of the essential tools required to manage healthy business relationships that deliver positive outcomes. I believe in the value of the effort that it takes to work with business owners of almost any kind, to create win-win solutions and long-term value.

I will translate analytical findings into tailored, actionable solutions to make intelligent, value-added business investments. Understanding what makes a business valuable over the long run is key to increasing the value of any business and investment portfolio. Creating that kind of value while working with inspired people and witnessing the improved peace of mind of all stakeholders as the positive financial results develop over time, is extremely satisfying.

My name is Laura Borghardt (and yes, I am married to Lars).

My experience, expertise and business passions include the multi dimensional aspects of marketing and corporate planning along with the administrative skills to keep the many tasks of a business well organized. A good sense of humour and a sincere love of positive experiences shared with people, is something that makes my work day fun.

Having over 30 years of experience supporting business organizations from a small construction services business to providing large government organizations with their purchasing and multi facetted administrative needs, has left me with a very dynamic range of experience; from the required structure and self discipline to effectively administer a business to being flexible enough to adjust and react to the inevitable curveballs that life in business throws at us all.