Limited Partnerships

A Limited Partnership is a great choice for those individuals that are looking for an alternative to the traditional structured products offered to you by the retail investment industry. It is an excellent vehicle for those of you who want to benefit from our philosophy and approach but aren’t in a position to manage the process yourself. This is particularly appealing to those who may have substantial earnings for a short period of time, like professional sports figures, actors/actresses, TV personalities, models, authors, entertainers or other non-traditional careers. You may also be a high net worth individual from other sources or have recently come into a large sum of cash and wish to partner with someone who can understand and address your goals in a personal manner.

If you are one of these unique people then you are likely most concerned with making sure your wealth lasts long enough to provide you a good, tax efficient income well into the future. Our strategies are simple in design, intelligent in concept and effective to address these needs. We offer to partner with you through this structure to give you a customized and comfortable approach with your investments and to provide a highly tailored service. We invest to provide tax efficient cash flows, and not simply rely on investment tax credit schemes.

You can partner with Helden Wealth when you want someone who adheres to sound business tenets and deploys intelligent capital management strategies and tactics.

Definition of a Limited Partnership

A limited partnership is a business entity comprised of two or more partners who operate or manage a business together. In every limited partnership (LP), there are two types of partners – general partners (that’s us) and limited partners (that’s you).

Reasons for Creating a Limited Partnership

In recent years, the limited partnership or LP, has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses-especially those involved in real estate or other investment ventures. The main reason is that unlike general partnerships, limited partnerships (as the name suggests) have the ability to limit both the liability risk and the business involvement of certain partners known as “limited partners.” This feature is particularly useful for attracting investment partners who’d like to participate in the profits of the business but not necessarily its risks or daily operations.

Who is the General Partner

General partners control the company’s day-to-day operations and take on the legal debts and obligations of the business. In other words, they run the business. This is Helden Wealth Corp.’s role.

Who is the Limited Partner

Limited partners contribute capital to the partnership but do not participate in the daily managerial operations of the company. As an added benefit, they are also shielded from the partnership’s debts and other liabilities. Limited partnerships are a great choice for individuals who lack the time or expertise to run a business but would like to share in the profits of a given business. This would be your role.

Advantages of a Limited Partnership

The chief advantages in forming a limited partnership include:

  1. Easier to attract investors compared to a general partnership, since the only liability for limited partners is the capital they invest in the business.
  2. Allows general partners to focus their efforts on running the business.
  3. Limited partners can leave, be added or be replaced without dissolving the LP.
  4. Less administrative requirements than a corporation.
  5. Avoids complicated tax issues.
Taxing Limited Partnerships

For tax purposes, a limited partnership is very simple. Profits are “passed through” to the partners who report the income on their personal tax returns. This means there is no double taxation and the limited partnership does not file a tax return.