I've posted the pdf version of an article that everyone who has money should read.  Seriously.  It is absolutley timeless and will help you decide how to intelligently handle your investments throughout your life.   This article will create value for you by providing you the mental framework to an intelligent investing approach and in turn give you confidence in your approach.

Warren Buffet has proven that he is simply the best at investing.  As it is in any field, we should always study the best to learn from their great successes.  There is absolutley no need to try to re-invent the wheel.  Read this article and enjoy the simplicity of what you will learn.  It will take the fear out of investing.




Listed below are our sample portfolios which we welcome you to folow for free.  They are intended for demonstrative purposes.  These portfolios will provide an insight as to our preferred methodology in achieving intelligent investment returns.  The tactics, and therefore the returns, can and should be adjusted for your specific goals and investment comfort levels.  One portfolio is for US listed securities and one for Canadian listed securities.  Each began with $100,000.00 CAD, meaning at the time of inception on November 23, 2011, the USD portfolio was valued at $95,370.00 USD based on the Bank of Canada closing rate of $1.0485 USD/CAD.

We post these portfolios here for your review, to demonstrate the effects of our stock selection and hedging strategies through the various market conditions over time.


Current portfolio statements: 



Like the results of what you see in our practice portfolios?  Interested in benefitting from a similar approach for your portfolios?  We can help you with that, so let's talk.


Previous portfolio statements: 



Portfolio Changes

January 17, 2012
A Friendly Reminder

I want to remind you all that your equity option contracts expire at the end of this week.  That means you need to make some decisions regarding follow up actions on your positions.  Survey your choices amongst your favourite holdings and decide what you want to do with them.  If, as I suspect is likely, you believe that they are good value investments paying you dividends then you will take actions to hold onto them.  So if your options are in-the-money then place a ‘buy to close’ order and roll out to another calendar series that suits your goals and collect the new premium. Naturally, if the options you sold short are out-of-the-money then you need do nothing at all.  Simply let them expire and you can establish new positions on or after the Monday, if you so chose.

One common question about closing out option positions is the proverbial ‘when is the best time’?  The answer is actually simple.  In general, the right time to close out a position is when there is no time premium left and the contract trades at it’s intrinsic value. This is because as a option writer, one of the main things you are selling a buyer is time.  Therefore, when the time premium has disappeared, it is a good time for a new sale of more time premium.

If you need some help with this then drop us a line!


-Lars Borghardt 

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